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Social Graphics & Scripts
Facebook avatars and cover banners
Select and save (or cut and paste) then update your current avatar
FB avatar - gave DHMC - blue.png
FB avatar.- GAVE LIV - BLUE.png
FB avatar - GAVE PC - BLUE.png
FB avatar - I gave - white.png
FB avatar - I SUPPORT - BLUE.png
FB avatar - GAVE LIV - WHITE.png
FB avatar - GAVE PC - WHITE.png
FB avatar - SUPPORT LIV - BLUE.png
FB avatar - SUPPORT PC - BLUE.png
FB avatar - I SUPPORT - WHITE.png
FB avatar - SUPPORT LIV.png
FB avatar - SUPPORT PC - WHITE.png
DHMC joy.png
Editable script for social posts
Copy and paste, then edit to personalize

My (insert your relationship to the student or the student’s name – ex: my son’s, grandson’s, niece’s, Katy’s) school is doing a campaign to support families in our school community who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and are now in need of tuition assistance.  The Dearborn Heights Montessori community is full of wonderful families.  Please consider joining me in supporting them in their time of need.  It takes only a minute, but it will make a big difference for these students and their families. To find our more or to donate, visit  

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