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What Shapes Us

Circle. Square. Triangle. Three unassuming shapes – probably the first ones we each learn as a small child.

These three shapes have always formed Dearborn Heights Montessori’s logo. On the surface, our logo may seem simple, but the elements that embody it also embody who and what Dearborn Heights Montessori is at its core. Each day as we fulfill our mission, we are shaping the future. Our logo expresses what shapes us.

At Dearborn Heights Montessori, students come first. To follow suit, so does the circle in our logo, the symbology of which centers on students. Dearborn Heights Montessori cultivates a lifelong love of learning in its students so that, like a circle, learning never ends. We also focus on the whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically – so our students are (like a circle) well-rounded.

Which brings us to the square. Sustainable success is built upon a strong foundation. That strong foundation – like the square in our logo – is at the center of things. With five decades of proven success, the Dearborn Heights Montessori family of schools have a solid foundation. Through the Montessori education we provide, students, too, are given a solid foundation for further education and for life.

The square also symbolizes the pink tower, and through that the Montessori method more generally. One of the things that makes the Montessori method special and distinct is the materials, and the pink tower is one of the most iconic of those materials. At Dearborn Heights Montessori, the pink tower is part of our students’ Montessori experience from their earliest years through their eighth-grade graduation day. And, just as the tower is built one block atop another, our spiraled Montessori curriculum builds lesson upon lesson, year upon year.

In third position is the triangle, which represents the power of three in Montessori. The three sides of the equilateral triangle represent school, student, and parents – the balanced community of partnerships that are central to Montessori education. When all contribute equally, the result is a successful student and a solid citizen.

The triangle also symbolizes the important role three plays in the Montessori method, specifically the mixed age classes organized in three-year cycles and the three-hour uninterrupted work blocks students benefit from each day.

Finally, there’s the graduating color blue. As a color, blue represents introspective journeys, much like the thoughtful reflection by students the Montessori method encourages. Blue also symbolizes wisdom – like that of our teachers who guide students each day – as well as depth of understanding, the outcome of our students’ Montessori journey. Finally, the intensity of the color in our logo graduates in strength, reflecting the increased strength of students as they grow from Toddler to 8th grade (and, yes, graduate).

When taken as a whole, our logo mirrors who and what Dearborn Heights Montessori delivers every day. Like our schools, it is modest and unpretentious, projecting a humble confidence. Like our students, it projects a posture of quiet strength. Collectively, these seemingly simple shapes and the color they wear come together to tell a story of significance – that of our schools and, most importantly, the significance and lifelong impact of our schools for students.

To learn more about what makes us distinct, read The DHMC Difference


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