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We are Montessori Strong

Building community is at the core of the Montessori way. We are all stronger when we come together in common purpose and it is largely upon common purpose that our school(S) community is/has always been built

Welcome to the Montessori Strong Community, a new partnership of local leaders, area businesses and organizations, DHMC alumni and school parents collaborating to shape the future of our students, our school and our world. 

Proudly, 2022 marks Dearborn Heights Montessori's 50th year of challenging independent thinkers to discover, create and serve through Montessori. Our first 50 years have been remarkable. Our goal is to make the next 50 even better. So, as we approach this golden anniversary, we are expanding our school community by creating an ongoing Montessori Strong Community whose aim is to provide increased opportunities for students to ensure both our students and our family of schools are future ready and future strong. 

The Montessori Strong Community is organized into four teams, each with specific focuses that intersect with and support those of the other teams. To learn more, click on the teams portals below. To get involved, join the Montessori Strong online community where we connect, engage and organize between coming together in person. 

preparing them for now and equipping them for later

Empowering curious, creative, and capable students
in future ready, future strong schools.

Empowering students and next-generation leaders
to realize their full potential

in future ready, future strong schools


Growing next-generation leaders by
empowering students to discover, create and serve

in future ready, future strong schools

Empowering students to realize their full potential. 

Ensuring future ready, future strong schools 

Empowering future ready, future strong students

who are curious, creative and compassionate. 

Add inspiring vision of what we're trying to build across the teams - like the vision in the grant - and why it matters/the impact if we can do it (or an impact goal) 



Maybe add a bit about who we're looking for - vals match expertise... 

? put brief descriptions under each area and/or their goal/roles






Are you with us? 

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We are shaping the future 

of our students and our world. 

You can, too.  

Are you with us? 

Learn more about Dearborn Heights Montessori, the
Montessori Strong Community and how you can be a part of it. 


Schedule a conversation with Julia Liljegren,
Director of School Advancement, to start exploring today.

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